Who am I, what am I doing and what have I done so far in my life?

I am Amy Black. I was born in the Harz Mountains in the middle of Germany in 1982 and grew up in the emperor’s town Goslar, Germany.

My first education was for foreign language correspondency and commercial interpretation for English and Spanish. That was not yet enough for me, so I decided to study further, where I then acquired a diploma for interior design.

At the same time I had to do some business studies, which resulted as a part of dual studies for business studies with key aspects on retail in a CCI degree of retail saleswoman. Further modules of the studies were marketing and laws.

I did not quite feel satisfied and went for some ‘soul searching’ to London, where I volunteered for PETA, before holding a position within the same organisation as Fundraising Assistant.

Afterwards I rediscovered my creativity more again, so I visited the Working Men’s College, London, for Graphics and Design, Web Design as well as Access to Art and Design while I have also been working as a Model and held a few events, such as an aftershow party for a band. Feel free to have look through my page for my works.

I have also discovered my passion for writing again, for which I’ve started writing again. I got so inspired on my journey for my first book, that I have planned several more books in the years to come. On the side I also do enjoy to maintain my bilingual vegan blog and a blog about allergies together with my sister. As a vegan I am highly interested in our environment, have a huge interest in art as well as history and also do have a passion for pets. I do currently reside with three cats and a foster cat, while I’ve started a correspondence course on the side to an alternative holistic homeopath for pets.