Translation projects so far include:

– Various subtitles for TV series, movies or documentaries for the London-based company,   from German into English or vice versa

– Scientific publications for the Egyptologist Dr. Heike Wilde from German into English

  • “The utilisation and proliferation of new technologies during the 2nd mil BC – Improvements in technology and networking between Egypt and its neighbours during the Bronze Age”
  • “Glass production in Ancient Egypt”

– Rona Walter’s novel “Cold Hands” from German into English

– Contributing to the German translation of the knowledge base of for the online game Heroes Charge


I’ve wanted to write since I was a kid. At first I started to write short stories on an old typewriter at the age of 9-10, later onwards with the age of 13 I continued on the parent’s PC with some short stories. My writing was resting until I was 21 and felt the urge to write some phantasy stories, which I actually started, but due to other work commitments, it had to rest once more until I was 31.

People kept on telling me to finally write my own stuff and I gave it another go. At first I was doing some basic research regarding the topic in general, the genre, then the time, somehow my characters were born with all the inspiration I gathered and soon I found I had too much inspiration for just one book. There is so much more I want to write…

My first novel is finally going to be published in autumn this year. Stay tuned to be the first and to see what it is all about 😉


At the college two projects included merchandise. One for a randomly given band and the other fur a fictional politcs party.

Music Merchandise for the Sex Pistols as if they published a new album with CD covers, posters, patches and shirts:

The politics project with an embedded link to its own blog for further details:


3D Design


People – Issues

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